What happens at JOTI/JOTA?

Have you got Jamboree envy in the shadow of the Great Bunya Gathering? Why not attend a different kind of Jamboree?

JOTA has been around forever, and JOTI has been around for years now! But some of us have never ventured to one before and may feel a little uncertain. So what exactly is it and how does it work? We asked the organisers what exactly happens and here’s what they said.

What is JOTA and JOTI?

Jamboree on the Air (ie on radio) and Jamboree on the Internet (online). This is a way to bring Girl Guides and Girl Scouts across the country and world together in one virtual place, and also train members in communication skills.

When and where is it?

Cambridge Guide & Scout Hall, Perry Lakes Reserve. 16-18 October, 2015.

How does it work on the day?

Everyone rocks up, we give an introduction and safety briefing, and then they move around different activities. They need to get all the activities in their passport ticked off so they can earn the Jota-Joti badge.  We have Scoutlink on the computers for moderated web chat with Girl Guides and Scouts around the world, chances to use the radios to talk with Girl Guides and Scouts in the hills, the eastern states, or overseas, and if we are lucky, a Skype chat with a world centre, or other Jota-Joti stations around the world.  Then there are all sorts of activities about communication, codes, international Guiding/Scouting and some of the technical aspects of amateur radio.

More info in the Event Sheets:

How much does it cost?

$7 per Guide ($2 for Adult’s badge)

How long does it last?jota times

We are running 2-3 hour sessions during the day. Otherwise, for 14+ members, come for the sleepover! Come whenever it suits you between 10am Saturday and 4pm Sunday- it doesn’t have to be for a particular session.

Who should come?

We’re targeting all ages, but have suggested some rough age groups for each of the different sessions, so that we can provide relevant activities.  Units just need to come with adults for their ratios (don’t need to be leaders, just police checked adults who are happy to help out)

What should I/we bring?

Organise your own (or your group’s) morning tea/afternoon tea/dinner (even if it is just telling everyone to pack a lunch).

All the activities and equipment are there, ready to go.

What’s this about a sleepover?

The other thing we are keen to do is get 14+ Guides and Olaves to come for the sleepover part, as it is the best time to get in touch with some of the other timezones. They don’t need to provide ratio, and we’ll organise dinner – they just need to bring sleeping gear with them!

How do I sign up?

Register with Hannah by October 9, 2015. Email: woodward.hannah@gmail.com Call: 0421 965 840

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