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The Centenary Challenge is a fun and exciting challenge for Girl Guides WA members to explore the history of the movement in Western Australia. The Challenge Booklet has been designed as a resource for Leaders to help teach their Guides about the history of Guiding in Western Australia so we can all learn where we have come from over our first 100 years. You can now download the Centenary Challenge Booklet. There is also a Centenary Unit Program to go with it. (Please be patient when downloading as the files are quite large).

How to use the Challenge Booklet

Each decade has 4 sections: WA Guiding Snippet, World Guiding Snippet, World Event and Guide Program.

WA Guiding Snippet

WA Guiding Snippet covers a significant event which occurred within Guiding in WA and has had an impact on how Guiding looks in WA today. It has not been possible to include all the camps, leaders functions and events which have happened in WA over the past 100 years and this section in merely a taste of what has happened. As a unit or for your own interest, you are more than welcome to find out more about all the wonderful things Girl
Guides WA has done.

World Guiding Snippet

World Guiding Snippet is again a taste of what has occurred in the World Association over the past 100 years and the events selected are to provide a context of how world Guiding events shaped Guiding in WA. There are many more events which have happened and again units and leaders are able to further investigate the history of World Guiding.

World Events

World Events gives a background about what was happening outside of Guiding which had an effect on our members and the path Guiding has taken to stay relevant over the decades. Some events such as the World Wars have had a direct impact on Guiding activities. However, others have been a background influence such as the advancement of technology.

Guide Program

Guide Program shows how the day to day program of Guiding in units has evolved to keep it relevant to Guides in Australia, and how it moved away from the traditional British model on which it was first based.

The girls can complete the Challenge by selecting a section to focus on for each decade (you do not have to do all the sections for each decade, unless you want to). You can write the section under the corresponding decade on the Girl’s Progress Worksheet or you can print off the worksheet for the section and create a custom-designed Centenary Challenge Booklet for your girls. There is no badge specific to the Centenary Challenge; however, you can present your girls with a Participation Certificate once they have completed the Challenge.

Need more information? Fill out the contact form on this blog and your enquiry will be directed to the appropriate committee member.

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