Time to celebrate!

By now you would know that we are celebrating – we are about to enter the 100th year of Girl Guides in Western Australia!100

Girl Guides was started in WA with a public meeting on June 28, 1915. So we are kicking off the year of celebrations leading up to the Centenary date with a special dinner event on June 28, 2014. The dinner has the twofold purpose of celebrating this 100th year and launching the Centenary Challenge for members. Because what’s a Girl Guide event without a challenge? *grin*

  • Were you a Girl Guide? A Brownie? A Lone Guide? A Gumnut Guide? A Ranger?
  • Are or were you a Leader? Trefoil Guild member? Olave Program member?
  • Are you a supporter or patron of Girl Guides? Have you been on one of our committees?

In short, we would like to invite current and former members, and this includes your partners, as well as any supporters of Girl Guides who may be interested. Our database of members has been through many incarnations since we first started keeping records, and our members have been through many life changes and moves since they joined or left Girl Guides. Additionally, sometimes when a woman marries or remarries, she changes her name.


This means we are relying on relationships to spread the word about our Centenary Dinner. You may have seen the stories popping up in the local Community Papers. We the organising committee are doing our best to track down those people who used to be involved. What we would love is if members who see this invitation could contact old Guiding friends, whether they are still in the movement or not, to let them know. You may like to form a little party and book tickets to the dinner!


So we’re asking you to send this link to your friends and share it on social media to help us spread the message. Details below:

Date: 28th June, at 6.30pm for 7pm

Place: Tompkins on Swan, Ardross

Dress: After 5/Lounge suit

Cost: $80/head

All enquiries can be directed to Reception on reception@girlguideswa.org.au or phone 9355 4586.

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