Centenary Challenge Launched

Something fun to bring us all together

The Centenary Challenge is a fun and exciting challenge for Girl Guides WA members to Challengesexplore the history of the movement in Western Australia. It was officially launched at the Centenary Dinner on June 28 2014 and will run for the entire year until June 28, 2015.

The Challenge is for youth members and two publications have been developed to assist Leaders and girls who wish to participate. These publications are filled with fun and valuable program ideas Leaders can use with their units to help the girls learn about our history (see more at the end of this post).

The Challenge itself has been built around ’10 decades of WA Guiding history’. The girls can complete the Centenary Challenge by choosing a section to focus on for each decade – but they do not have to complete all the sections for each decade unless they want to. Write the section(s) completed under the corresponding decade on the Girl’s Progress Worksheet or print off the worksheet for the section and create a custom-designed Centenary Challenge Booklet for your girls.

Leaders will be able to present their girls with a Participation Certificate once they have completed the Challenge. The certificates will be available from Guide House.


The Challenge Booklet has been designed as a resource for Leaders to help teach their Girl Guides about the history of Guiding in Western Australia so we can all learn where we have come from over our first 100 years. You can now download the Centenary Challenge Booklet, and a Centenary Unit Program to go with it. Both are available on the Centenary Challenge page of this blog.

Please help us spread the word about this fantastic challenge for our youth members by sharing this blogpost with your Guiding contacts.

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