Jamboree news: Day 1 Details

So you’re booked in to attend the Jamboree? Wondering what’s going to be happening there? Here’s a sneak preview for Day 1: the Picnic in the Park.

With over 450 Girl Guides and leaders registered to attend, this will be a busy day at lovely GO Edwards Park across the road from Guide House!

Start by setting up a ‘home base’ for your Unit (if you wish) and then you can move around the dozens of cool activities we have planned at your own pace. You’re free to participate in any of the activities at any time. You’re also free to choose your own lunchtime.

The goal is to choose activities your Unit will enjoy best, meet new friends, and make things to take away with you. Some of the stations will provide an introduction to an activity you can take back to the Unit meetings and do more of.

All day long, you’ll be joining in a giant Scavenger Hunt with the theme of ‘getting to know people’ while visiting the activity stations.

Snapshot of just some of the planned activitiesdrill

  • First Aid/Nursing Activities –old and new. Learn some traditional Guiding first aid skills (as well as some of the more up-to-date ones).
  • Drill – experience this stalwart of early Guiding.
  • Pioneering skills.
  • Activities from the old Brownie Badge Book!
  • Dancing, singing and a virtual Campfire.

Things to make

  • A lanyard or friendship cord.
  • Spun wool, knitting and weaving.
  • Cook scones, butter and ice cream.

Scones, batch 2.

  • A horse veil (just like Girl Guides did in WWI).
  • Juggling balls.

Things to discover

  • How to juggle.

Woman Juggling Balls

  • What’s the connection between Irene Fairburn and Daffodils?
  • How to sew on a badge.
  • How to hammer nails and fix taps.
  • How to knot.
  • How to make a camp gadgets.
  • How to dance a Maypole Dance.


  • How to use a GPS to find treasure.
  • How to tie an olden day Guide Tie.

Things to bring

  • A donation for Radio Lollipop.
  • A sense of adventure!

Hopefully you’ve now got an appetite for the amazing fun this day will deliver! We’re hoping the Centenary merchandise will be available at a pop up Guide Shop throughout the day and we expect to send everyone home happy, exhausted and knowing a few new WA Girl Guide friends.

Stay tuned for more Jamboree updates in the coming months.

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