Day 1 of #Jamboree100

Picnic in the Park – recap

Hundreds of girls and leaders arrived at GO Edwards Park in Burswood today for Day 1 of the Centenary Jamboree. The leaders registered their units at the registration desk, got their goody bags, and went to take a look around. The weather was perfect after some scary forecasts (yay!) and Girl Guides from someĀ units set up (sometimes creative) ‘home bases.’

The day kicked off when Katrina (organiser) and Brenda (State Commissioner) made speeches to open the Jamboree. Katrina said she could see a “sea of blue” as she looked out over the girls attending. She also told the story that when Girl Guides started in WA nearly 100 years ago, the girls had to meet in parks as there weren’t many halls to use – so today’s event was a way of recognising our beginnings!

Brenda welcomed our important guests including representatives of the Department of Local Government and Communities, the National Women’s Council, and Volunteering WA, as well as our own special Guiding guests Margaret (Archivist) and Pam (Trefoil Guild Advisor). She didn’t forget to mention Katrina, Kate and Margo who have worked so very hard with their teams to make the Jamboree happen. Everyone was told they would get a Jamboree badge if they attend an event this week. Then we were entertained by Starmite Gym Sports who did some spectacular solo, pair and group stunts.

Then the day’s activities got started and you can see from the pictures below how many interesting things were on offer, with activities from days gone by as well as modern fun.

There were other interesting things to see and find out about, including a camp blanket display and puzzles to help us learn about the international world and how we can keep the Guide laws and Promise in the community. There was even a display of old Guide Uniforms and a timeline of Guiding in WA (stay tuned for display photos in the coming weeks).

There were many happy faces and new friends. People have started entering the photo competition and you can, too – just email your Jamboree snaps to or post them on our Facebook wall / tag us on Twitter or Instagram. Hashtag: #Jamboree100

Also, keep your eye on the Community newspapers to see some Guiding faces appear in the next week or so!

Tomorrow … off to Rottnest!

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