#Jamboree100 Day 5 – Fremantle Frenzy recap

After a fantastic week full of adventures, the Jamboree-with-a-Difference ended today in Fremantle. This post features photos contributed by the wonderful girls and Leaders of WA Girl Guides.

Hundreds of Girl Guides and Leaders once again gathered together – this time on the beautiful Fremantle Esplanade.

On the esplanade

On the esplanade by Clare C.

There were a number of activities available here, including stilt walking and games, as well as contributing to large canvases about “Our Future.”

Canvas drawing by Clare C.

Canvas drawing by Clare C.

Older Girl Guides were sent on a mission to create an entire outfit on $15 from a thrift shop. Nice work, West Swan Rangeroos!

Thrift Shop Challenge: 'Poppin' tags.' Photo by Tammy R.

Thrift Shop Challenge: ‘Poppin’ tags.’ Photo by Tammy R.

At Bather’s Beach, girls enjoyed the sand and built some amazing sand art.

Doubleview Guides' amazing artwork, Photo by Hannah W.

Doubleview Guides’ amazing artwork, Photo by Hannah W.

They also visited the Shipwreck Gallery where they learned how to fire a cannon and drop anchor.

Photo: Erin J.

Photo: Erin J.

Photo: Roxy D.

Photo: Roxy D.

There was a wander up to Fremantle Prison where, if they didn’t behave, girls were locked up! Fortunately they were then let off for good behaviour.

roxy davin

Photo: Roxy D.

Up at the Roundhouse it was the Leaders who were in trouble!

Naughty 'Fox'! Photo: Helen S.

Naughty ‘Fox’ in the stocks! Photo: Helen S.

Moments of togetherness and celebration of our 100 years in WA were what made the day truly special.

Helen Smith quinns

Photo: Helen S.

helensmith #100

Photo: Helen S.

Photo: Clare C.

Photo: Clare C.

The day ended spectacularly with a concert to celebrate our future together. Photos to come!

[watch this space!]

Thanks for attending any or all days of the Jamboree and for your wonderful messages of appreciation to the hardworking volunteer organisers. See you at the next Centenary celebration event in the lead up to our special 100 year birthday on June 28, 2015.

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1 Response to #Jamboree100 Day 5 – Fremantle Frenzy recap

  1. Helen Matusik says:

    Fantastic week of celebrations, great to see everyone having so much fun.heres looking forward to the next 100 years !

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