Remarkable Women: Nancy Brazier

This post’s Remarkable Women of Girl Guides WA is Nancy Brazier who recalls eating a particularly sandy meal at one Girl Guide camp! Here is her story.

Nancy Brazier

Nancy Brazier

Nancy Brazier joined the Girl Guide Association when she became an enrolled member of her Local Association.  However it wasn’t long before she found herself becoming more involved than being a Brownie mum or a L.A. member. Nancy’s roles in guiding have been many and varied.  From being a District Commissioner she took on more responsibilities as a Division Commissioner and then as an Assistant State Commissioner.  She was the Region Commissioners’ representative on State Executive and also the International Adviser for W.A.

She has many memories of her times spent with the girls and she recalls one in particular.   She was being served a meal of a chop and a dozen green peas by a very nervous young guide, but the plate slipped and the meal ended up in the sand.  Not daunted, Nancy scooped up the meal and ate it, sand and all.

Nancy has had many interests outside of guiding.  She was the State President of the Penguin Club W.A. and served as the Club’s State Executive Officer and CEO for Australia. She is an accomplished public speaker. She was honoured for her work with Life Membership. She joined the National Council of Women of W.A. and has worked tirelessly for the improvement of rights for women from migrant and refugee backgrounds.

Nancy continues to devote time to both guiding and the community.  She was a foundation member of the Burswood/Bentley Trefoil Guild when it was formed in 1999 and has been both its secretary and president. She is also a member of the Honorary Australian Associates.

Nancy has been presented with an Emu Award from Girl Guides W.A. and in 2014 received her 50 year Long Service Award.  Her services to Youth and the Community were acknowledged in 2010 with an O.A.M. She was honoured with Life Membership of Guides W.A. in 2005.

(Story by Ann Miller)

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