GEM100 wrap-up

This post contains a LOT of photos! See if you can find yourself and please leave a comment if you do.

First some thanks:

1. Thanks to the organising committee for a spectacular job of creating a memorable event for this special day. Thanks Radio Lollipop, Out of the Box, and our other suppliers of games and activities. And also thanks to those lovely people who chipped in on the day, sometimes without even planning to.

2. Thanks to our Archives Committee who developed an outstanding exhibition in the Perth Town Hall. Thanks also to Snap Burswood, who donated their design work for our display boards. Let’s hope we can see it displayed somewhere else soon!

3. Thanks to Australian Chief Commissioner Robinette and her Assistant Miranda, and our own State Team, for coming to help us celebrate, giving out special badges, and posing for countless photos.

4. Thanks to the media, support people, and Tony our photographer, who supported our event, and our gorgeous MC, Christina Morrissey.

5. Thanks to anyone I’ve missed and especially a HUGE thanks to those people who came along in party-mode to bring energy and joy to Perth City in the name of Girl Guides!


The opening was bright and early (for a Sunday) at 9.30am in the beautiful Perth winter sunshine! Our VIPs welcomed us and explained how the day would work. Lots of bystanders took photos of the amazing sight of over 1000 people coming together to celebrate our 100th birthday.

Many partygoers remained in Forrest Place to check out the games and activities on offer, pick up their cupcake, or get a balloon. All balloons had been diligently tied to the wristbands which was a brilliant idea to prevent girls from losing their helium balloons … but we didn’t count on the wind whipping them in circles until each bunch became a tangled mess! Luckily we had many helpers willing to untangle and many patient girls willing to wait for their balloons! (a bit of Girl Guide Law in action there!)

Just love the wry expression on Blue Wren's face as she untangles balloons!

Just love the wry expression on Blue Wren’s face as she untangles balloons!

Party hats, party hats, and more party hats!

Urban Orchard Activities

Other groups wandered over to Perth’s Urban Orchard, where they played games, got airbrushed tattoos, caught up with the Commissioners, and did tug-o-wars. We also wrote on fabric ‘Thought Walls.’ These will be made into bedspreads and used at Our Barn, so girls camping there will get a kick out of seeing their messages in years to come! The 3 topics were:

  • I was a Guide on the 28th June 2015    (to celebrate the day)
  • Guiding in the future will…….
  • I love Girl  Guides because…….

Exhibition at Perth Town Hall

The other city location to visit was the Perth Town Hall where Girl Guides began in WA exactly 100 years ago. Here, we found a wonderful exhibition of poster boards explaining what we’re all about, with loads of photos, old and new. There were badges of today and yesteryear, as well as a pop up shop to buy memorabilia from – and don’t forget the Our Barn donations loo!

Closing Ceremony

What a special moment in the closing ceremony when we all renewed our Promise together! There were a few different words to be heard as some of us made a different Promise to the one we make today, but the heart and spirit of the Promise is just the same as it always was – a promise to do our best and show respect and compassion to ourselves and other people.

Then we counted up by tens to hundred and got a wonderful surprise when the stage lit up with fireworks and streamers burst upon us in a rainfall of silver!

And being Girl Guides, we tidied up after ourselves – as always, leaving the place a little neater than it was in the first place 😉

Happy 100th Birthday, Girl Guides WA!

PS check out a short video montage of some of the day’s activities.

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  1. mluckett2014 says:

    Marvelous to see so much up there in colour and action. Thanks Sasha

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