Remarkable women: Denise Pruim

This Remarkable Woman of Girl Guides WA is Denise Pruim. Find out why she has a Denise Pruimphoto hidden in her closet.

In 1981, Pat Goodheart showed us how to start up a Brownie and Guide Company in Kardinya.  Peggy Stacy was Brown Owl and Lesley Mullings was our Guide Leader.

We had only been going for three weeks and Sheila Lansbury invited us to go on camp with her guides – we had never pitched a tent or tied a knot, so, before we went, Kath Heath (Cookie) came around to show me the ropes. While we were on camp, Fiona Cahill made her Promise. It was a great time and Sheila deserved an award for taking us on!

I remember Margaret Kermode helping me with my camp training and we used to go to yoga classes together also.

After my husband had an accident, I left for a while, then, in 1991, Murdoch Trefoil Guild started up.  Shirley Suriano was President, Sue Mabbot was Secretary and Jan Reilly was Treasurer.

I also remember Tom Bradshaw taking us abseiling and the girls said “come on Nunkalowe, you have to do it too.”  I froze half way down and I thought I can’t stay here – couldn’t climb back up, so down I went!  I could have kissed the ground when I eventually made it.  There is a photo of me with a look of terror on my face, hidden in my cupboard for my closest friends and relations to see, but no one else!

Story supplied by Ann Miller.

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