Remarkable Women: Marjory Cobb

This post’s Remarkable Women of Girl Guides WA is Marjory Cobb. Here is her story.Marjory Cobb

Marjory became involved in guiding in the same way as did many of our leaders: she volunteered to help when her daughter’s unit was in need of a leader. It wasn’t as though she needed another activity to keep herself busy, as she was the mother of six children and also ran a cake decorating business, but she willingly accepted the role of a Guide Leader.  That was in 1960 and 55 years later she is still involved.

She was busy with her unit through the 1960s.  Her camping and leadership skills were excellent and she was appointed State Camping Adviser. In 1970 Camp Jubilee was held in Perth. A small group of six guides from Christmas Island came to Perth to participate, and and two of them were billeted with Marjory. Shortly after that a request came from the Division Commissioner on Christmas Island for a trainer to visit and Marjory was invited to go.

Marjory remembers:  “The secretary of the Phosphate Company arranged a passage for me on their trading ship Triadic, there being no airport there at that time. The Guide Commissioner was the wife of the Island Administrator and I stayed with them at Government House, although I also accepted hospitality for a few days with the family of one of the girls who had billeted with me and a few days with the school principal and his wife.

I held a three day camp for the guides as a Camp Training for the Leaders as well as general trainings for Guide and Brownie Leaders. I organised a fun day for all the girls plus a few kids who gate-crashed the event, and a social day for all the leaders and their helpers. I visited each of the Unit meetings, so was kept pretty busy.  I was on the Island for three weeks as that was the Triadic’s turnaround time for loading and unloading.

The Island people were so hospitable and friendly. In between guiding matters I was taken swimming, fishing and canoeing as well as a day 4-wheel driving through the jungle. There was an official function with the Administrator and his wife. I learned about the ocean crabs, the jungle crabs, the famous Red Crab Day, the Moslem religion and life in the kampong or village. I knew nothing about any of these before going there so it wasn’t just me training the guide leaders!

To my acute embarrassment I was presented with numerous gifts as I was leaving, many of which I still have and treasure. Many other memories stay with me despite the passing years and although I have travelled to many overseas places since then, Christmas Island has a very special place in my heart.”

After that time Marjory became involved in State events. She was the leader-in-charge of two State Guidoramas. The first was held in 1980 at Churchlands College and was attended by 1,000 girls including members from 34 country units. It was a day crammed full of fun filled activities. The second was in the grounds of Murdoch University in 1989.  Over 1,400 girls enjoyed challenges on land and on the water.

Since then she has held many guiding roles. She has been the Division Commissioner for the Lee Steere East Division which was later to become the Heirisson Region and also a Brownie Guide Leader and District Leader for the Rivervale/Carlisle District.

Marjory has always been involved in community affairs and has been justly rewarded for her hours of voluntary work with a Community Service Award from the City of Perth and a Community Volunteer Award from the Town of Victoria Park.  The Guide Association has presented her with an Emu Award and she has been honoured as a Life Member of Girl Guides WA.

Today she is a valuable member of the Burswood/Bentley Trefoil Guild.

Story contributed by Ann Miller

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