Snippets from the past: Merredin’s Guide Cottage

Merredin’s Guide Cottage

In 1951 King George VI initiated a “Bridge of Service” effort and Miss Teasdale, Merredin District Commissioner, had the idea of building a cottage for an aged pensioner couple.

The Rangers, Guides and Brownies worked hard to raise the money for this project but it was a slow process. The main means of raising the money were cake stalls, Paddy’s markets and assisting with catering.

The fund eventually reached £500 pounds. As a suitable cottage had just become available in the town, it was decided to buy it with the money in hand. Building costs had risen and it seemed impossible to raise enough money to adhere to the original idea of building a small but modern brick cottage. Show catering and a hot dog stall raised another £300 which was used to modernise the cottage; the renovations included installation of a septic system and modern bathroom.

The Local Association assisted with the arrangements for purchasing and modernising the cottage, this was in 1956. Catering for a wedding provided the last £50 which bought paint and such furnishings as were required before the cottage could be occupied.

Members of the Guides/Scouts Associations in conjunction with the APEX Club of Merredin did all the painting and it was finally complete to be occupied in the B P Centenary year of 1957.

The first tenants were an aged pioneer couple. It was a great boon to them as they had been living some distance out of town, and regular medical treatment necessitated the wife
living in close proximity to the hospital. They occupied it until 1962.

The new tenants were an elderly widow and her daughter. With the building of pensioner flats at Merredin by the Lotteries Commission there was not then the hardship for elderly folk.


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